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It's Work Day!

Hi Friends!

Today we're gathering for a Great Indoors work day at the AuSable Inclusion Center.

Paint will by slung.

Furniture assembled.

Structure built.

Decorations put up.

All so we can help make our space function the way we want it to.

Our built environment guides so much of how we interact... with it and with one another, so we're intentionally renovating our space in a way to support how we want to build community.

A little under a year ago, when you walked through the front doors of our building, you were greeted by... a coat rack and a gray wall. Now, a coat rack is a lovely thing. Sturdy and functional, it says, "Hi there, take your coat off and stay a while!" It says something about the place, but not what we wanted to say. So the coat rack has come down, its anchor holes patched, and a new vision cast:

Today our team will be painting a bright, multicolor gradient on the wall opposite the entry door. When the paint dries, we'll be putting up some vinyl wall art that says, "We're so glad you're here!" and the name of our Center. Because we are so glad to welcome folks into our space. In front of that wall will be a large, long bench so folks can sit and chat, or wait for rides inside where it's warm and dry. The existing bulletin boards will be spruced up to be a new communications station, where folks can see what's going on, find other resources to connect with, and connect with our online programs.

Over in the old nave, what we are now calling the "St. Bartholomew's Oratory" we'll be replacing the pendant lights with lower profile flush mount lights and installing a new drop down partition in front of the old chancel. We still want the space to be able to function for occasional or even more regular Eucharist services, but we also need the space to be able to function for secular events. We will be framing up a drop partition clad in the same wainscoting already in the room, from which will hang some curtains that we can open and close depending on how we are using the space, along with a projector screen we can use for movie screenings, presentations, and maybe even epic Mario Kart games. As a bonus, the small alcoves created by the curtains along the sides of the chancel can serve as our more simplified sacristry space, freeing up the space that had been used for that purpose for other program needs. Similarly, curtains will be installed on the lower halves of the windows along the sides of the oratory to make our space more flexible.

Our hallway will get a little bit of paint on a narrow section of wall that had been used as a secondary communications area, but will now serve as our "poetry wall," where reclaimed metal "poetry boards" and magnetic word tiles will give visitors a chance to playfully express themselves.

The kitchen will be getting some fresh wall decor and a new clock. One of the bathrooms will be getting a new mirror that shorter folks can actually see their fabulous faces in, along with some curtains for its window. Both bathrooms are getting new wall decor and refillable soap pumps. The two toilet bathroom is getting a fresh new curtain for its handicap accessible stall.

The east end of our large meeting room is getting a major revamp by adding a "lounge" area with two couches, two sitting chairs, a rug, some end tables, and some cozy lamps so small groups can sit comfortably and chat. The west end of our large meeting room is getting a custom built banquette for some flexible, functional seating. Both rooms are getting their own wall clocks.

The old vestry room is getting some major sprucing up, along with some renaming. The room has a divider, so each end is being set up to theoretically function separately. The south end of the room is being set up as a reading room, named for the Kolke creek, which feeds the headwaters of the AuSable. It will have two brand new bookshelves, two comfortable reading chairs, some display shelves for picture books, and an area rug. The north end of the room is being set up for small group meetings and named after the other creek that feeds the north branch of the AuSable River: Bradford creek. The existing table will be getting a refresh and a new-to-us TV brought in for multimedia functionality. The whole room will be getting new window treatments to tie everything together and add some color to the space. Decor and wall clocks will be added to the walls.

Finally, the office is getting some small upgrades: peel and stick wallpaper for one wall, an area rug, some curtains, and a wonderful painting given to our ministry developer by fine artist Sarah Kasper. The office is being named after the headwaters of the southern branch of the AuSable Inclusion Center: Lake St. Helen.

We give thanks for the many hands that are helping us make our space beautiful, welcoming, and functional. Your support and efforts are greatly appreciated.

We look forward to welcoming folks for programming soon. In the meantime, expect more blog posts, more social media, and more opportunities to connect.

Shine on, friends.

Deacon Beckett


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